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Jenny McCarthy More curves

More skin than you can take in one sitting

More skin than you can take in one sitting


A remixed version of my Jenny McCarthy hard lines and smooth curves, EQ bars stripped off to let the "skin" shine on thru :), if you don't like it, use the original, its around here somewhere....

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March 27, 2003 by Jones Owns609445 downloads

Jenny McCarthy More curves - More skin than you can take in one sitting

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Safe for human consumption. :)


hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 18, 2006 by Chris Thorne

nice picture - its the best lol - November 4, 2005 by Daniel Harrisson

download - download faster faster faster!!!!!!!!! - December 20, 2003 by Nick Lamb

tits - dey r wicked tits well done nice skin - August 2, 2003 by bhavin lamba

omfg - will you love this woman when she's 67 and her breasts are floppy and infected? you losers. good luck finding real women. they sure as hell won't talk to you if you just reach in front of you... - April 16, 2003 by L Barton

HOT!!!!!!! - This is a really good skin best I have ever seen!! :) - March 31, 2003 by Kendon Holder

Jenny, uh? - It's cool...isn't it? :) - February 4, 2003 by teo stoichev

Impressive - Normally I'd be making sarcastic comments about how some of the idiots on here jump up and down with glee and wave their arms and god knows what else at the very idea of (whisper it...) a picture of a WOMAN on a skin. But this skin is actually very good; the design, colour scheme and picture placement are all excellent. So it gets a four. And it might have got a five if something had been done with the playlist window. - January 27, 2003 by The Critic

Great Skin - This skin is a very nice skin. literally,a skin. haha! - November 4, 2002 by Ryan Hawkins

panties - take away the panties i want to see her pussy u mother fucker. - August 10, 2002 by Jeremy Moore

My opinion - It's not super skin - August 2, 2002 by Krzysztof Malanka

show tits - it needs to show tits - July 14, 2002 by J-Cad J-Cad le nouveau groupe

WHY - OK when are you gonna come up wit a skin wit a half naked guy on it ????? - June 9, 2002 by kritta tree

Hmm - If I was guy, I'd prolly like that, but since I'm not a guy, that's gross! - May 25, 2002 by Danelle Pritt

move - move her damn arm - May 19, 2002 by tony bosarge

Drool!!! - So Hot Want To Touch The Hinney! - April 3, 2002 by David Otte

1 word - Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool - March 16, 2002 by D Boudreau

damn! - Holy Shit! Man! She's fucking hot! - March 10, 2002 by Jeff Harris

Mike hill is a dude-banger! - What the hell is wrong with mike hill. Who would not like this beutiful skin. Good Job Mr. Jones! - February 28, 2002 by Crystal Fiquette

4 stars for the girl - THe girl is damn hot, the skin sux , but hell, who uses there equalizer neway. We're allowed to be guys - February 27, 2002 by bob nick

Very Beautiful - She is just adorable, make her whole nude. *S* Thanks - January 20, 2002 by Henrik S�rensen

stars stars stars - yo dude the BEST in town.keep the curves coming n u'll rock!!it would b even better if u were naughty - December 30, 2001 by jay matthew

Ah cha cha cha - I only set the eq once.... So who give a crap if I can see the bars. I don't want them obstructing my view. And to you prudes...stop looking for "skin" skins if you just want to preach. Maybe you should look into the Barney skins. Me... I like to look at women. What a Horrible Crime. Hahaha. Chill out stiffs. - December 29, 2001 by Ted Cummings

Only becuase... - the girl gets four do the math on the skin :( - December 1, 2001 by Matt M

mmmmmm...... - 3 stars for the girl but that pink is really awful no???? - November 5, 2001 by jav-ito galanga

nice colors - obviously this is for manly pleasure but like the color - October 11, 2001 by KellyAnn Tsai

jenny mccarthy hot as hell - yo this pic is hot more curves is correct and shows more than other skins nice mr jones - September 24, 2001 by eriel cury

ding dong - Ding dong, sweet skin , sweet :) - September 2, 2001 by jeri maguire

"hi my names jenny and Im a hoe" - well....if i was a guy i'd like it...if it wasnt pink in the background *pink is evil* - August 13, 2001 by -)(Kinky Velcro)(-

HOT!!!! - Five stars doesn't do this skin justice. Damn she's hot!!!!!! - August 9, 2001 by Renard Jackson

Jenny McCarthy More curves - its a BEAUTIFUL skin but hard do see the buttons put its still cool - July 11, 2001 by Mike Slavin

w00t - YEAH YEAH! MORE MORE MORE MORE! nothing better than listening to music while looking at porn =) - June 28, 2001 by mike badgley

OOOOOOHHHHHHH - This is the hottest skin I have ever seen...... man she is hot ........ wow she is hot.......good lord she is very very very very hottttttt - June 23, 2001 by Erik White

mmm - They may be fake but they sure are nice to look at ;) - June 22, 2001 by John C

PORN - HOW COME ALL SKINS CANT BE ABOUT PORN?!!! - May 30, 2001 by Thompson LeFlore

Jenny is all that and then some - I now have side by side mirror images of this skin. DFX and WinAmp. What more could a poor boy want? - May 20, 2001 by James Marx

Sweeeeeet - Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - May 17, 2001 by Mike T

yeah - Isn't it CRYSTAL clear that sooo many people would download this skin (GER:sabber!) - May 16, 2001 by Nini ~

i like this one best - i prefer this skin best, best jenny skin out there - May 15, 2001 by sorrow morrow

wow - damd thats hot, damd to hot :), love it - May 14, 2001 by jamie maguire

more - give us more, show more picture, more - May 14, 2001 by flesh not bone

Yo Man! - What's going on dude??? Nice one! Keep it up! - May 12, 2001 by James A. Mills

hands - Take the hands away :o) we want more - May 9, 2001 by GI JOE

jenny McCarthy - she needs to be showing those curves if you know what i mean - May 8, 2001 by Evan Thompson

So Hott Want to touch the Ass AWOOOOOOO - Get rid of the arm. - May 7, 2001 by Jake Kornreich

nice - i agree with jake kornreich - May 7, 2001 by david toler

Mighty fine..just one request - this is the #1 skin...she got some nice curves, one request, can ya make one without those hands - May 6, 2001 by Josh Munnell

fine - damd fine, number 1 JM skin out there, well done - May 6, 2001 by john doe

yes - Oh yes, do i need to say more, oh yes - May 6, 2001 by dr jack

wow - wow, where can i find the other version, this is hot stuff - May 5, 2001 by janus janus

SWEET!! - Now thats a TASTY skin they should put up in the hall of fame!! - May 5, 2001 by Big Petey

Good skin... - but what's with her arm??*g* - May 4, 2001 by Renďż˝ Schugsties

BABE - HOT!HOT!HOT! EXTREAM SKIN - May 4, 2001 by �ystein gr�tting

mmmmm.....that's ok - the Feature Point of skin is good (i'd loke), and don't forget theEQ bars image not out (see at screen) - May 2, 2001 by Rama Damanik

jenny mcCARTHY more curves - try taking the hands away - April 29, 2001 by jim loch

Sweet :) - Ok, it's not the stunning graphics.. just Jenny. A solid skin! - April 25, 2001 by Henrik Mj�berg

hot mama - to sexy and hot i cant take it - April 25, 2001 by cody hahn

Christoph's Review - Well, Hmm...All I have to say is: ;) - April 25, 2001 by Chris Schilling

sweet - well she has nice..... pants - April 23, 2001 by zax dragon

-------------- - ok! Mr Anon but you didn't say on me i---t If y'all wanna see the EQ so bad Repeat the other version - April 23, 2001 by Dima Lipovitch

I hate dumb people - I got yer back Mr Anon. If y'all wanna see the EQ so bad DL the other version... - April 22, 2001 by Princess Dagger

Shame it dosnt go to 10 - Shame the ratings don't go to 10 - April 21, 2001 by JOHN SCHLK

too sexy - it'll become more sexy if she drops her hands. - April 20, 2001 by zubin j

The Bobster - BooYaaa!!!!!! - April 19, 2001 by The Bobster

WOW - After seeing the other version of this yesterday I'm even more impressed with this one, let the image shine !, who needs EQ bars anyhow. - April 19, 2001 by Purple cloud

Nice!... - Nice!... - April 19, 2001 by Jason Chow