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Featured Skin, February 20, 2003.

Finally updated for winamp 2.9x! Position bar can be enabled. If you're not sure how to do it then download it here - Added:- 2.9x windows (library and video)Changed:- Adjusted colours of text on playlist, video and minibrowser to suit most monitors.- Flipped spectrum analyser colours. (Australian spelling) Next version might have a new cursor. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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December 1, 2003 by Will Mooney1227501 downloads

Expensive_Hi-Fi_1_2 - Featured Skin, February 20, 2003.

Staff review

DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!! This is perfect.

If you really want to activate the posbar: rename "posbar2" to "posbar".this skin is perfectly balanced. Better then the real thing. BUT don't play britney on this.


Vou experimentar! - January 25, 2010 by ricardo gomes

Excited to find it - I was very excited to find this skin, I downloaded it and tried to install it, but all I get is a message that windows can not open the file, and ask's me what program to use to open with. - April 16, 2009 by Duane Hampton

its nice - Depressing graphics but well done. The volume control is very hard to use. - February 27, 2007 by Rapid Fire

Sleek and slick - I love this skin! Such a classic look and completely unfussy but stylish. Yes, I'm a Sony geek, too! :o) Thanks for the skin. Merv - August 30, 2006 by Merv Chivers

Looks great, but... - Looks really good, but there's no seek bar! How are you supposed to jump between points in the file? - April 28, 2006 by Allah Mustafa

ab fab - superb, simple, just what you need - March 27, 2006 by stoneone llm

???????????? - ABSOLUTELY GREAT VITTU PERKELE!! - November 10, 2005 by Markus Toivola

Very pretty - This is a real purty skin, but... The spinning pointer is annoying, a regular mouse pointer would be been better. Also, just an oversight I'm sure, but the balance knob only goes right even when it's all the way left. Overall, though, it's very pretty, and both the video window and the music library window are skinned (that's a deal breaker otherwise). - September 29, 2005 by Ein irvin

Very nice but... - Playlist inactive font simply is too dark and the current time LCD is little bit unclear (too skinny maybe). If this things will be fixed this will be one of the best classics! - July 18, 2005 by Solution Vega

Muy Bueno - Observacion: Un poco chico pero muy bien logrado - June 11, 2005 by Sebastian marinoff

Just fantastic... - It?s really one of the best skins on the web...congratulations ! - April 14, 2005 by Werner Solos

the best ever - It's the best. I was able to get the 'sony' logo on the play list all the time. simply genius. - March 25, 2005 by mauro lino

Engineering at its best. - An inspired and precision piece of engineering. Very detailed and comprehensively assembled. Far and away the most superior skin in the 'Classsic' category. It makes my own efforts pale into insignificance. - February 10, 2005 by Frank Williamson

incredible - It is the most versatile skin ever. it just looks right on any desktop. combines with any wallpaper. From futuristic to retro, from minimal to gothic, this skin just always fits in. - January 11, 2005 by Tom Hespero5

favorite - this is one of my favorite skins. love SONY, they make great recievers. - January 9, 2005 by Adam Puccino

Top Of The Range Skin - I downloaded this skin last year for my winamp 2. Great skin :o) Keep up the good work and glad to see it still on - September 15, 2004 by James 007

Very nice - I like it. Very good. - September 12, 2004 by Andy S

Excellent - excellent - one of the best lookin i have seen - August 29, 2004 by Daryn Bryson

expensive hi fi 12 - zajebista sk?ra - June 15, 2004 by tomek adamkiewicz

#&^ - The signs are because I"M SPEECHLESS Way to GO MOOney!!! - April 17, 2004 by arindam banerjee

I'm Lovin' It - This skin has true class. Heck, I sold my 800 dollar stereo and replaced it with this awful sexy Winamp skin. My friends never noticed the difference. :) Out of all the classic skins, this would have to be on my top five. - March 24, 2004 by Jake Johnson

Best Looking metal ever! - I Love it. I think this is the best looking metallic skin ever. Very Clean. One tick - If I close winamp while minimized, the next time it starts, all windows are minimized EXCEPT the playlist. Seems to only happen with this skin so far. Thanks - Art - January 28, 2004 by Art Vandeley

a little bit - too shiny - January 22, 2004 by drsweeney mr

Astonishing Detail - Well, what more can be said: easy to use, niiiice, excelent detail, probably one of the best skins I have ever used - January 20, 2004 by Artur Nogueira

Hi-Fi(ve) - Awesome I love it! Great Job. - December 30, 2003 by Lydia Q

What is ON and what is OFF? - Nice skin, metal feel. But I can't figure out when a button is ON or OFF. - December 7, 2003 by Michael Lees

:))) - I like this skin, especially shadows of slidebuttons of equalizer - fantastic. - November 13, 2003 by Arturs Kronstein

Unreal, Wicked as Hell! - Man, this skin is just too cool. It belongs in the WINAMP Hall of Fame! 10 Stars. - November 9, 2003 by Brian D

Cool Skin - Excellent work gotta give him that. I use this Skin as my defalt its sooooo cool i like how u have hidden the search bar as i said excellent gotta see more skins from u if thay stay looking this good - November 2, 2003 by DJ Jamie

Im dying.... - DAMN, its best one!!!!!! Sure there are some "bad" things, but it's winamp thing, not author's... - October 20, 2003 by Johnnie Russian

macaco maluko !!!! - macaco maluko fazedor do boquechis!!! muito fazedor!!! - October 15, 2003 by max alba

Fantastic attention to details, when skinned - Love the faithful looking button recreation, the plastics have the proper amount of reflectivitiy and protrusion. Top quality work!! Needs to be completed, though: Video and Library windows are not skinned. - October 14, 2003 by Nunya biznesssss

YEAH! - GREAT skin! Definately one of the best out there. One thing though, the seeking bar needs to be fixed. - October 13, 2003 by Erik Skaare

A top skin... - Will Mooney, bless him, deserves my full appretiation. I am interested in the stereo look in skins, so that I may feel what is on my desktop is the closest experience to a real hi-fi. I am sure that one day a better skin to this effect will be designed, but right now, the Expensive Hi-Fi11 is second to none! - August 30, 2003 by Joao Bernardino

ExpensiveHi-Fi11 - IF you don't like this skin then your not human this skin is Women SEXXXXY i love the cursor everything about this is great - August 9, 2003 by Simon -

Not - Once again the Staff proves they are not the benchmark. The spectrum analyzer coloration stinks, there is no defined up/down arrows for the scroll, and there is some twisty suppository thing in place of my cursor. Sorry gents, this one missed by a long shot. Five shooters - not~ - July 31, 2003 by Creighton Cannon

Love skin, but... - Best skin I've found in a long time. The only thing needing to be fixed is the "seek bar" Get that fixed and this skin is permanent on my desktop. - July 26, 2003 by Brady P

Very well done! - Looks classy and feels good too. Matches my desktop very well! - July 17, 2003 by Robert Rees

One of the best iv'e seen ever! - I love this skin! Its really authentic looking, it also reminds me of my old 'Realistic' stereo (with the turning knobs), but i need to mention, the balance knob moves the same direction for the left and right side, the dot moves right both times - July 12, 2003 by steveo mc

sorry - Please disregardmy earlier comments, i was talking out of my a**. this skin is perfect. great look, very clean. who needs a real stereo, all you really need is winamp and this skin, and your golden!!! great job WILL MOONEY! - July 4, 2003 by Adam Puccino

Superb!!!!! - This is the skin that inspired me to become a skinner.When I did my first skin,which took many frustrating days,I did not understand the Winamp "rip" thing and I borrowed the buttons on your playlist.They brutally rejected my skin because of that and it about killed me.I have NEVER been soooo disappointed in my entire life.Since then I have done a few skins that they did accept and all my own designs.I can't touch this though and it still inspires me every time I see it.Thanks for the push. - July 3, 2003 by Bill Donaldson

Sony Expensive Hi-Fi Skin - Liked it at first glance. Shiny metallic feel with clear contrast. Very impressed. - June 15, 2003 by Miles Warburton

SWEEETNESS~!! - This skin is everything you expect. I has to be the best one I ever seen! I can't even discribe how happy I was to open it and see it looks JUST like the pictures here. I grown man shouldn't BE this happy over such a little thing. GET IT ! - June 8, 2003 by G G McKee

Quality - Great skin. Looks amazing. 'Nuff said. - June 5, 2003 by Matthew Lloyd

WOW!!!!! - I have always been looking for the best skin that would give me the frredom to delete the rest of the .wsz files in the 'SKIN' dir of Winamp. THIS IS IT!!!! Thanks. This is just perfect. There is no way any skin can defeat this..... - May 30, 2003 by Souvik Chatterjee

Wow! - I love this skin!! It's very... Metallic, if you wish. Anyway, I LOVE IT! - May 29, 2003 by Seb Markus

lil-jay gave it! - i give this one a 100 stars it is the best one. - May 26, 2003 by lil-jay55 streeter

Holy you know what!!! - Friggin' beautiful skin!!!! Nice job. - May 25, 2003 by Greg Conti

Very nice - Dig the cursor and very very clean metallic look. nice - May 17, 2003 by George Murray

I can't give 6 stars for you. Is a piece of art!!!!! - You're a master of skinners. Xtraordinary work and imagination! Only some details like the "gost" seeking bar are the problems on your skin. Excellent!!! Skin the 2.9 x-tra windows please (and nontify me to download again!) - May 17, 2003 by Daniel Cabral M.

Mmmmm - I like it :) - May 5, 2003 by Shrt -

Wow! - Awesome skin! Especially the EQ bars! Those of you who think this skin looks boring, download it anyway. You'll understand. - April 29, 2003 by Tarkan2467

Perfection - Its really cool, excellent work - April 16, 2003 by Miguel Galan

DAMN!! - This is GREAT! the only downs are that you cant see possy bar but its still there. if you click in the wrong spot the song will jump to another spot. i also couldt find the volume and balance right away. Its still one of the best skind ever. - April 12, 2003 by Willy Schiller

great stereo look! - i like the look of this one, certainly expensive :) - April 5, 2003 by Let me Be

Great!! - nothing to say.... "Two thumbs up"!!!!!!!!! - March 12, 2003 by Happy pp

Sha Bang... - A great skin.. really smoove... a very nice 5 stars skin... reminds me my sony... - March 5, 2003 by pavel dimshiz

Seriously the Best! - This has got to be one of the best skins ive seen, the way its laid out and colored beats all. Oh and its sony :D - March 3, 2003 by Michael Fowler

Superb skin! - I have seen many skins, but this one is simply the best i have seen so far! What a skin! - March 2, 2003 by Tommie van Ostade

The best - This is a super skin - February 27, 2003 by Kostya Ivanov

Sleek and Superb - By far the best stereo skin I've come across yet. Very easy to use, great to look at...Just like the real thing but on your computer. 8) ............ (8 Just Wicked - February 24, 2003 by Sly Fox

VERY GREAT WORK - You are an artist ... you have done a very beautiful work; i had done one skin but i had only 1 star ... :-( snifffffff ... but i am not an artist ... hihihihi ... VERY NICE WORK !!! ;-) - February 22, 2003 by Serge Gagnon

Genial! - No hay mucho que decir: esta GENIAL!!! - February 21, 2003 by Veronica Mogni

Cool! - This skin is perfect. - February 21, 2003 by Fabio Krieger

this skin is phenominal - its about time will put his skin on this skin has been tucked away at for soo long. most popular, highest rated, most talked about skin on that site. i mean, the cursors of this skin are worth the download itself. if there is one skin i advize to download , it is this one without a doubt. the best work i have EVER seen. the only skinner i now follow.!!!! - February 21, 2003 by bart vandenberg


nice! - very great skin, not much can beat this one. congratz!! you'r one of the best in here - January 27, 2003 by Lenx ( (L )

A+ Beauty - Very nice! Easy to see and use, 2nd after Steel_This_Amp. - January 3, 2003 by Mick Farrell

F**king good looking Skin - This Skin really looks perfect, it's my favourite - December 30, 2002 by Homer Simpson

Great Old School - Gotta Love The Sony - December 27, 2002 by Albon Forbes

ok - ok - December 9, 2002 by Mr User

Very expressive lights. - Paul Klee gotta see how the expression for the lights made it look more realistic. - November 30, 2002 by N. E. Aykam

TITS - This is, without a doubt, the best fucking skin I've ever seen. The detail is so good it looks as if the actual stereo were transplanted onto my desktop! The only reason I got an account is to review this thing! The preview does it no justice, download this skin now! - November 26, 2002 by Derek N/A

Well DAMMMMMn! - By FAR the smoothest skin I've ever seen. I didn't think anything was ever going to dethrone the classic Marshall stack, but this has done it. I too, registered for the sole purpose of singing it's praises. - November 8, 2002 by Ray VanRiette

Perfection! - There have been skins that I loved in the past and still do, but this one blows them all out of the water. This one would get 100 stars if I could give them. You couldn't make a prettier skin if you put Britney Spears on it. ;-) - October 14, 2002 by Lee Groomes

very nice indeed!!! - as the ad says, it's a sony. and it looks nice!!! - October 7, 2002 by Carlo Serrano

This skin has the Funk - whooo got the funk? this skin got the funk! (thanks to Will Mooney & George Clinton & crew) - October 5, 2002 by Nik T

okay - Hey it looks really good :-) - October 5, 2002 by f1ghter 84

Fixed - Text error fixed, thanks for that! - October 2, 2002 by Will Mooney

silver hot stuff - I love the color in this skin, and the desing is awesome. Don't really miss the posbar :) - October 1, 2002 by Juan Bosco

Nice and easy! - Nice and easy to use. - October 1, 2002 by James Chen