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Version history

Updated v1.20:
- file and song search in subfolders (press magnifier icon next to search textbox)
- fixed: some invisible folders are shown
- keyboard navigation (enter, backspace, arrow keys)
- fixed: options not saved due to Windows Vista and 7 restrictions (new place for options file)
- 'Save options now' button
- improved sorting
- Previous and Next buttons play next song in folder, when only one song is in playlist
- fixed: bug with long drive names

Updated v1.19: ml_umlp.1.19.dll
- m3u playlist editing
- drag&drop files to (m3u) playlists
- rename files in place
- fixed: crash when dropping to winamp playlist
- improved WinXP compatibility (empty columns, upper folder icon)
- better mapped folder and playlist recognition
- default copy action for dragging between different drives
- improved drag&drop to the list
- visual improvements
- 2 new columns: extension, comments

Updated v1.18: ml_umlp.1.18.dll
- HOTFIX: version 1.17 not worked on all systems
- "check for updates" link in options page
- dragged songs are enqueued at the correct position in winamp's playlist

Updated v1.17: ml_umlp.1.17.dll
- open playlists - only m3u and m3u8 playlists supported (editing playlists is not yet implemented)
- ability to map playlists
- ctrl+a for selecting all files
- better drive recognition
- minor visual improvements

Updated v1.16: ml_umlp.1.16.dll
- 4 new columns: Track number, Album, Year, Genre
- 4 additional columns, only when MyTop 1.1 installed too: Play count, Play length, Last played, First Played
- ability to sort by MyTop rating
- moving, renaming currently playing files
- mapped folders dialog
- refresh button
- compressed folders/files appear too
- new installer
- minor visual and performance improvements

Updated v1.15: ml_umlp.1.15.dll
- positions editor, ability to save the positions to a file (for loading them later)
- move up/down button for mapped folder list
- choose double click action: play, enqueue or enqueue&play song
- multiple windows are now fully functional, you can copy/move files between them (like in total commander), see screenshot
- "show video files only" feature (only video files and folders appear)
- "show currently playing song" feature: blinking icon for file being played in winamp
- improved browsing performance
- new about box

Updated v1.13: ml_umlp.1.13.dll
- Positions feature: add additional named positions at specific times for songs (see 2nd screenshot), the playback will start from that time. This can be used well for long mixes.

Updated v1.12: ml_umlp.1.12.dll
- moving/copying files and folders by drag&drop them in the browser
- "Auto-Name" feature in right click menu - renames file using song's metadata - it can be undone later in windows explorer
- bitrate column
- ability to create new folders
- "Rename" feature in right click menu
- mapped folder's combobox accepts longer paths and names
- read-only files appear too

Updated v1.10: ml_umlp.1.10.dll
- "show song titles" feature: song title will appear instead of filename for audio files
- exclude list for specific devices you don't want to see
- audio cds' tracks appear as artist - title (using cddb database)
- will not play or enqueue files not playable by winamp, new right-click menu for these files, double-click opens them
- only available mapped folders will show up
- faster filebrowser
- plugin's options are saved to winamp's folder/Plugins/ml_umlp_options.ini

Updated v1.05: ml_umlp.1.05.dll
- custom icons for drive types in drive tree (see screenshots)
- "show audio files only" feature (only audio files, playlists and folders appear)
- "view file info" feature for right-click menu
- playing/enqueing playlists
- multiple browsing windows TEST (just to see how it will look like)
- bottom statusbar shows file/folder count, total filesize, and total playlength (only when showing song lengths)
- dropping files/folders to playlist editor
- no right-click menu on parent folder
- files/folders starting with ~ symbol will be at the top of the filelist (when sorting by filename)
- deleting moves files to the recycle bin

Updated v1.01: ml_umlp.1.01.dll
- better drive recognition, drivelist