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About Multiple DSP

Multiple DSP lets you use multiple dsp plugins and modules at a time. The order of the modules can be changed. It now allows you to change each DSP's strength (only for those, that don't change the number of samples). The configuration is saved and then automatically loaded at Winamp start.

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Recommended setup

Here are two setups of Multiple DSP plugin that I prefer to listen to music with. The demos use WideSound and other DSP plugins:
  • YOU WA SHOCK! (I like setting "A" the best)
  • LoudMax (for maximizing the volume without distortion)
If you know other great DSP plugins (that you like and could be used with Multiple DSP), please tell us (in email or write into the shoutbox).

Setup 1:
Multiple DSP for Winamp screenshot - Recommended setup

Setup 2 for more bass:
you can listen to the demo of this setup here (the 4th setting)
Multiple DSP for Winamp screenshot - Recommended setup