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WideSound demos

Here you find two demos demonstrating WideSound DSP plugin enhancing an originally mono and a stereo song. To use, first click on the green play button and wait for loading the sound samples. After loading, the original sound will start to play, and you will see 4 settings:
  • Original sound: the unmodified song
  • WideSound ((O0)): sound modified by WideSound's ((O0)) module (100%)
  • WideSound+Bass: WideSound's ((O0)) module and 75% WideSound Bass (with Multiple DSP)
  • Multiple DSP recommended: a recommended setting (described here) for Multiple DSP plugin (using WideSound, YOU WA SHOCK and LoudMax).

Click on each setting to activate, and listen.
The difference between each setting is best heard with head/earphones. You need Adobe Flash player in order to see the demos.

Enhancing mono music

Enhancing stereo music