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About UMLP

This plugin adds your Winamp's media library an explorer-like filebrowser feature, it recognizes hard drives, audio and mp3 (data) disks, removable drives (memory cards, pendrives, and most of mp3 players), and network drives. Now it's able to open and edit m3u playlists (as they were folders). The plugin allows you to add named and timed positions to your songs (e.g. long mixes), the playback will start from that time. You can also map folders (e.g. your music folder) and playlists (add their shortcuts to the ML list for reaching them fast). Files and folders can be copied/moved by drag&dropping them. The plugin is fully customizable, and will match Winamp's skin. (see screenshots).

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Key features

  • Browse music and files on all the drives and connected devices
  • Adding timed positions to play from for your longer mixes
  • M3U playlist editing
  • File and folder manipulation
  • Adding shortcuts of folders and playlists to the media library
  • Many options to set


Some useful usage info:
  • Song positions are additional named and timed positions inside a song. If you play a position, the playback will start from that specific time. This is quite useful for long mixes.
  • BE CAREFUL: positions for a song will only remain if you rename/move your song file with UMLP browser.
  • The plugin saves three files to user's directory (usually: C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Winamp):
    ml_umlp_options.ini contains plugin's all preferences and mapped folders
    ml_umlp_parts.ini contains timed positions for songs
    ml_umlp_stats.ini contains listening statistics
    You can backup these files not to lose options in case of a reinstall.
  • to disable floppy drive checking, you must write your floppy drive's letter to the drive exclusion list in plugin's options.
For getting the highest performance check out these tips:
  • Do not sort files by length or title (not filename). Querying song lengths and titles are external functions that are quite slow. Opening folders with large number of files can take a while (until all titles and lenghts queried).
  • As mentioned above getting song titles is slow. So instead of picking "Show song titles" option use auto-naming:
  • It's a good practice to auto-name your songs (select songs, and press "Auto-Name" in the right-click menu). Auto-naming renames your song files to the "artist - title.extension" format. Some songs may contain wrong metadata, this case use Winamp's Auto-Tagger first, and then try to auto-name them. Auto-Naming can be undone in windows explorer.
Always use the latest version for better performance and more functionality.


What to do when the plugin doesn't show up in Winamp's Media Library:
The plugin appears in the media library's tree with a label "Browser" (see screenshots).
  • First, check your Winamp's version. The plugin only supports version 5.5+
  • Check the plugins' folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins), it must contain file named ml_umlp.dll (it can be downloaded here).
  • Open Winamp preferences / Plug-ins / Media Library. The plugin must show up in the list among installed plugins as "Ultimate ML plugin [ml_umlp].dll".
  • Use the latest version of the plugin (available on this site). Note that version 1.17 may not work correctly.
  • Write me, include a detailed report (plugin's version, Winamp's version, operating system).