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You can help improving UML Plugin by sending your reviews, suggestions, ideas, bug reports to [email protected] or writing them to the shoutbox on the left.


  • integrate Winamp's Send to menu into right-click menu
  • skinned right-click menus
  • skinned icons
  • show Winamp's (5 star) ratings of songs


Plugin's source files are also available here. If you have some programming knowledge (C++), you can help developing, adding new features, or improving existing ones.

Zipped source files: contains all the files needed to build the plugin, and the Visual Studio 2008 solution file. To debug it simply choose winamp's executable as the debugger. Umlp.cpp is the plugin's c++ source file to modify.

If you think, you made the plugin better, just send the source files (or umlp.cpp only) back to [email protected]. I will upgrade the plugin and indicate your name.