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Winamp Forums Compilation Two

36 presets

36 presets - 18 presets, 17 remixes and an intro








Mr Nudge





Warrior of the Light

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June 10, 2005 by Warrior of the Light167574 downloads

Winamp Forums Compilation Two - 36 presets - 18 presets, 17 remixes and an intro

Staff review

The best avs compilation in months.

Now, what do we have here, 11 avsers, some of which are world class, some of which aim to be world class release a pack together. And a great pack it is. The level of quality's very, very high most of the time. Some presets have colours that are a bit on the bad side, but that doesn't detract much. The highlight ? I thought that it would be Jheriko's Starfighter Redux, but then I got to the remixes, and found the magnificent Pak 9 remix of that preset (Jet Wash), which is just about the best preset I've seen this year. This pack also contains presets by a great new AVSer - Shylent. You'll be hearing a lot of that name soon, if these are only the beginning. As I might have mentioned before, there are one or two presets, that lower the overall quality of the pack. I'm afraid that Kookee's "Pringles" just don't fit in here. Overall, it's an essential download.


... - This is a A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!! - July 22, 2006 by Jerry Windrim

Great - Lovin the pack top quality stuff =D - August 22, 2005 by Swish Spencor

And we've had fun creating this - This is a compilation of the newest presets and remixes from the members of the AVS forums. Some more details about this project: Say artist X participated. Those 2 presets were forwarded to 2 other artists, say Y and Z. They remixed the best ones of them. Same thing goes for the presets from Y and Z. All information was on a need-to-know basis, so noone knew what to expect until the final release. Great job everyone! - June 10, 2005 by Warrior of the Light

geek rating ! - Wonderfull pack !!! Shylent cool!!! - June 10, 2005 by geek .:geek:.