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Winamp Forums Compilation 5

we are back

we are back

+ Doggy Dog
+ Grandchild
+ J.Melo
+ JaVS
+ Jheriko
+ Mr Nudge
+ Nic
+ PAK-9
+ Raz
+ Warrior of the Light
+ Yathosho

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January 15, 2007 by Winamp Forums185407 downloads

Winamp Forums Compilation 5 - we are back

Staff review

Guess who's back... back again..

You know it's a good pack when the first preset (the magnificent Intro by Raz) is better than pretty much everything you've seen that year. Of course, not every preset is brilliant, and the next few aren't all that great, but the pack's soon back on track with JaVS's beautiful "Leaving the Classic". The next few presets are ok, but far from brilliant and then one runs into something truly astounding. Projections, a collaboration between our favorite Brits, Pak-9 and Jheriko is definitely one of the best 5 presets ever. Raz then proves to be on a roll with the lovely Glow Worms and Pool. Yathosho's Isetta 2006, completely in his style is great too. And then... the remixes. PAK-9's remix of GC's Octoplasm is great, and Mr_Nudge turns J Melo's lacking-in-aesthetics Nuclear Core to something really nice. And then one's jaw drops in amasement as Grandchild's extraordinary remix of Leaving the Classic shows up and secures a spot in the top twenty presets ever category. And just to prove us how great an AVSer he really is he unleashes his hillarious Newspaper Rehaul of Projections upon the unsuspecting viewer. Raz proves to be in top form again with the classy remix of the same preset, and by turning WotL's Scanning into something much much better. While far from perfect (especially when the "original presets" are concerned), this is a classic. Get it. Love it.


The Best! - What can I say... SUPERB. Some amazing looking effects in here. wow. Makes me realy want to start learning this stuff now I can see what can be done! Well done on this creation. - February 21, 2007 by Paul geaf

can't decide - ..which is my favourite in the series (maybe still the 2nd pack?). the presets from javs and grandchild are outstanding (apart from the usual suspects). the only thing i don't get how my preset was turned into such RUBBISH. looking forward to the next pack! - January 20, 2007 by A Guy called Yathosho