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Winamp Forums Compilation 3

The third in the series

The third in the series


Warrior of the Light

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November 12, 2005 by Warrior of the Light7505 downloads

Winamp Forums Compilation 3 - The third in the series

Staff review

A huge, no, enormous disappointment.

I'll be blunt: this doesn't come NEAR the quality of the WFC 2. Sure, there are some stunners (Tuggummi's Reinventing the Wheel, and his reremix of Beanies), but apart from that, this is for the biggest part, a mess. Most of the concept presets don't really work, and if they do, their colour schemes are appaling. There are exceptions, of course, but half of these really felt like they were made by a colourblind person. I would stare at a preset and wonder how much better it would look with a proper colour scheme. The pack is worth downloading, but don't expect to be stunned. I was sad I had to give it a 4, but I think I was fair. I really hope that no.4 will be better.


The most balanced of the WFC series. - While maybe lacking such incredible preset(s) as Jet Wash from WFC2, it's still the most balanced of the series as there are in my opinion no weak presets in here. Everyone did their best and it shows. I would like to give it a 4,5 stars, but since the rating system won't allow me to and i don't want to lower the overall score, i'll give it a 5. I think it deserves it! Go Forums team! - December 7, 2005 by Jukka Keskinarkaus

old skool stuffs~ - most of the presets are in old skool effects.. but i still love it not hate it~ :p - November 22, 2005 by Jay Ridzuan