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Winamp 3DGL v1.50b

The ultimate OpenGL eye candy collection for Winamp

The ultimate OpenGL eye candy collection for Winamp

Latest version of Winamp 3DGL. -- For all those hardcore 3D hardware owners out there who know what they want their sound to look like :)(Tunnel and Cube plug-ins shown in picture)

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January 4, 2000 by Charles J. Cliffe352986 downloads

Winamp 3DGL v1.50b - The ultimate OpenGL eye candy collection for Winamp

Staff review

CJ's classic openGL plug-ins just plain own.

Very well done trippy effects using OpenGL. We love.


Mmm...Yumm...Good...Me Likey - Get Lost In The 3D Tunnel. Sound Cube: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sound Block: Boom Boom Boom! Sound Wave:Up Down(Repeat) Download It Today.From: JAKE. - January 14, 2006 by Jake Fischer

EXCELLENT !!! - I have been using this plugin since I got my Voodoo2 card (remember those?) around 1998 if memory serves well. I still like to just listen to music and lose myself in the 3D tunnel. No other plugin has managed to impress me so much. - March 16, 2005 by Dimitrios Thomadakis

Awesome - It's the best viz i've seen till now for winamp 2 and it efficiently uses the power of your video card. It a must for techno parties. Looks awesome on a big screen. And I agree with DJ Dij that more plug-ins should use OpenGl - September 19, 2003 by D3X Co

A big day for my town,Galati.. - Good job Charles..Your plug-in drives me crazy.. I bet you're gonna make more like this..better and better.... But I still want to say HELLO to my neighbours because it is HOLIDAY in my town..Thanks.. - November 30, 2001 by Corneliu Manole

i think... - i think it's the best one on this site anyways... - May 12, 2001 by Loni Gurl

I Agree with DJ - If acid had gl rendering it would kick - May 12, 2001 by Jonathan Eggers