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Whacko Revisited

Remixes from the Whacko series

Remixes from the Whacko series

For my 20th birthday, here's Whacko Revisited! Remixes and remakes by myself and other AVSers. I hope you enjoy these: the variety is quite big in any case, so there's something for everyone.

Thanks to all the remixers:
Duo, El-vis, Fsk, Jheriko, Montana, NemoOrange, Raz, Skupers, Tuggummi, Yathosho, Zevensoft.

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May 5, 2004 by Steven Wittens73352 downloads

Whacko Revisited - Remixes from the Whacko series

Staff review

One of the best... remixed by the rest of the best. AVS at it's best

UnConeD's releases always revitalize and revolutionize the AVS world... an unresistable style that combines complexity with the keen eye of a designer. This collection features a who's who list of AVS masters... making this one of the most surefire visual downloads out there.


Oh whacko... - Whacko... What IS THIS preset(s)? It so cool, exactly the "Hash the planet" preset. I love space. - August 21, 2006 by Zary Jack

An amazing collection - A pack of remixes and updated presets by UnConeD, forum moderator and one of the best AVS creators in the world. Why do you think this pack got 5 stars in every category from the reviewers? - May 20, 2004 by Sander Kupers