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Visualization 4 winamp like geiss

Visualization 4 winamp like geiss

Makes pictures from the music like geiss.

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December 11, 2001 by William Pye59167 downloads

WAPS20 - Visualization 4 winamp like geiss

Staff review

Solid visual plug-in

Nice amount of configurability available for this one accessible by hotkeys during fullscreen mode....which makes it very convenient. The visuals themselves are reminiscent of Geiss....nice tempo changes to these.


good plug-in - This is what I needed it's fast and easy to use - January 30, 2006 by carlos reyes

not bad - the only prob I have is that it looks sort of out of place at a higher screen size. If you keep your screen at a lower size this is a good vis. - January 5, 2002 by Chris Hayes

Finnbar - Hey Will :-) I think this is excellent ! I've seen it come through all the stages of development, and it was well worth it. The jump to function is great ! - December 14, 2001 by Finnbar Cunningham

Finally - Someone has done the obvious. The jump function should be added to every vis. The option to change resolutions in the vis is awesome. if there was a vis that looked like katafx and had the features of wap the could take over the WORLD!!!! - December 13, 2001 by BoB KnObz

Bill - this is damned groovey, I'm especially grooving with the jump to feature... yeah! - December 13, 2001 by Bill Pearmain