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The Third Season

visbot nine

ninth release from the visbot crew, delivering a set of 25 high quality winamp visualizations. enjoy! for more!

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October 15, 2005 by VISBOT NETWORK17315 downloads

VISBOT - The Third Season - visbot nine

Staff review

Another great Visbot pack.

One could say that this pack was a true work of art, and wouldn't be far off. The two beautiful Zamuz presets + his remix of Les Noobiens - Blocks are probably the highlights, if the rest of the pack was bad (which it definitely isn't), it would still be worth getting just for them. Some (as is unfortunately usual in the Visbot packs) of the presets just fail to interest. However, as an apology for the problems concerning Visbot packs here in the past (especially concerning the ratings of the last one), I'm giving it a 5 instead of the 4.5 it probably deserves. Anyway... get it.


Crash??? WTF?! - Okay. Excellent. So I install it, and see Hboy's remarkable preset. I go to change presets, and every time now, Winamp opens up, and opens with that preset, and crashes when I try to change a preset. I can't even edit my own...Excellent work. Fortunately, I figured it out. GlobalVariableManagerAPE Presented a problem and would not allow the preset to be changed. FIgured I'd let ya know that your APE's broken. Otherwise, good pack, as always! And thanks for the advice. I'm working hard on my 5th Preset pack. - December 19, 2008 by Justin Williams

Veeeeery Nice - Ok. Let's keep it simple. This pack is on the cutting edge of AVS tricks and methods. Simply amazing. Only issue with it: AVS Trans Automation slows down the load up a bit. It's worth it. - October 24, 2005 by Alex Golec