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The least random number

VISBOT 17 (VC017)

we skipped a compilation this summer, but just in time for autumn comes a brand-new compilation from visbot. as always, it features the latest presets and remixes from our members. we hope you enjoy this!

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October 28, 2009 by VISBOT NETWORK4900 downloads

VISBOT - The least random number - VISBOT 17 (VC017)

Staff review


hey new visbot compillation for autumn! Skupers starts with sincerity, Zamuz continues with tranquility, aand... (effecthunting) Frames of reality is returned to eviscerate your eyes again. after eyecatching stuffs come everybody brings their styles: synth-c's are beatiful and sterile, Grandchild's are trippy, Yathosho's are minimal lo-fi stuffs, Onionring's is the rougher piece, Amphirion brings the plastic cover of the whole and finally Yathosho's fishes end the pack.


the latest visbot compilation is a killer! - November 22, 2009 by A Guy called Yathosho