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Meeting old friends a phone booth a phone booth. the 11th from the visbot camp, less quantity (hence the name) same quality. for more!

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December 13, 2006 by VISBOT NETWORK10645 downloads

VISBOT - Meeting old friends - a phone booth

Staff review

Not the best Visbot pack.

But still a good one. After the lovely intro, the pack continues with a series of disappointing presets, that are far from the best their authors have made. And then comes the stunningly beautiful spaghetti by zamuz, followed by some more great presets, the general quality then starts to drop a bit but not too much. All in all, another great Visbot pack. 4.25+


first.. but.. - when i first saw the pack, i was a bit disappointed.. that was probably just because of the size. in fact this pack has SOME of the best presets i've seen. these would be amphirion's entangled (wait until you see the upcoming zamuz remix!!), nemo's bouquet (all versions of it rock!) and ministeck from pan am, which is simply stellar (radical, but my personal preset of the year 2006!). good to see some skupers after all too. can't agree with the reviewers opinion. i agree that SOME presets are weak, but what's so bad about the early presets.. there's delirium from hboy, silkworm from pan am and frames' preset with a too long name too time.. anything but bad! - December 14, 2006 by A Guy called Yathosho