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The second collection enjoy it, it's huge

The second collection enjoy it, it's huge

Hi. I hope you enjoy my second collection, it's huge, As I did before, I erased the ugly visualizations and made even beautier the beauty ones.
Check the avs's designed for names, just fill the text boxes with your name.
Thanks to all of winamp staff, and all the avsers, for making such a good stuff

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May 23, 2005 by Victor F_L80329 downloads

VF All - The second collection enjoy it, it's huge

Staff review

Huge is the right word

This is the largest avs pack i've seen so i was a bit concerned there would be a lack of quality. I was wrong and overall this is a really good avs pack with something for everyone to enjoy. So sit down, give yourself some time and enjoy this lot!


Too big, unlicensed - First, publishing with an unlicensed winzip self-extractor is illegal and grounds for removal. Just use NSIS or Pimpbot. That way users don't have to fill in their Winamp directory manually. Now on to the presets themselves... sorry, but they don't really work for me. It's like you took 10 presets and then created every possible permutation of the effects in them to create 100 more. For example, I lost count of how many times you used the interleave+colormap+bump texture. Almost all of the presets are non-descript and hardly memorable, which drowns the few interesting presets that are in this pack. Oh and I really don't see the point of letting people put text on top of a preset. It's a visualisation, not an info screen. - July 9, 2005 by Steven Wittens

Huge - Look like huge RMX of some old presets. But nice... - June 11, 2005 by Deyan Yankovich

Very nice. - This is a pretty cool pack overall. Huge, for sure. But the quality does not suffer badly at all. There are some that I would have left out; a few presets here seem "redundent", but there are more that are definetely worth seeing. Some of these actually made me say "oooh!". Although it isn't the most innovative stuff around, I would class this as a 'must see' pack. - May 26, 2005 by Noah Burge