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V3 Restarting the Millenium CD2

We are back :) Dedicated to DESKMOD.COM :(

We are back :) Dedicated to DESKMOD.COM :(

Hi everybody, I hope you?ll be stunned by the collection Marco (Catminddo) and I selected. This pack contains the very best presets published in the first 3 months of 2001. Some you may know already from packs released at, but most are still unpublished and they will be first shown to the public in this pack. In my presets I always try to get the maximum out of AVS and therefore I?ve selected the most technically advanced presets, so you?ll see what amazing things are possible with AVS. Well, that?s all for now you?d better start enjoying the preset then keep on reading. J Greetingzz ParaNoya PS: Now installation made and uninstallation. If you have problems check WINAMP folder for it :)

Download visualization

June 22, 2001 by AVS Society56110 downloads

V3 Restarting the Millenium CD2 - We are back :) Dedicated to DESKMOD.COM :(

Staff review

AVS Society back with another

This is an essential download for visual seekers... definitely takes AVS to some new realms. Although, all the presets here are top notch... I must say that Leo's 'mutate my dna' lit my eyes up the most...very original and impressive preset. Overall, everything here is worth your time. -dg


Classic Super Avs Pack! - The cream of avs together for our pleasure! - March 14, 2002 by joaquim jardim

I'm gonna mess with u.... - Wicked stuff here, but then I'm in it, :-) Peace - June 29, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

Absolute Perfection - Dave,absolute perfection is rated with 5*.I thought you should know that.And gain some experience with this site and yall know how things are working so you don't hafta do anything that dumb anymore.---JaY--- - June 29, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

Absolute perfection - Absolute perfection need 5 star not 0 - June 28, 2001 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

best of the best - i wouldnt usualy rate a pack whith my presets in it but i dont understand how can some notalented newbie whith 2 weeks of avs-ing expirience rate a pack like this 0 - June 28, 2001 by nikola gozze

Absolute perfection - Absolute perfection need 5 star not 0 - June 28, 2001 by Marco E. Muraca

Why??? - I was wondering where CD 2 had gone so I searched for it, and this is what I found. I really don't understand why there are these stupid people giving awesome packs zero stars and for no reason. Luckyly I didn't rate this pack yet so here you go AVSociety some well deserved 5 stars!!! - June 28, 2001 by Dan Cooper

Absolute perfection - sheer beauty. but you have been at the top of this list for too long. nothing personal but i want to see some new stuff near te top for a change - June 27, 2001 by Dave Hayward

The Avs Swad are here.... - Very amazing stuff. Quality Presets. - June 23, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn

good stuff - a newbie but hell this really is kewl. i wasnt expecting somtething this great - June 23, 2001 by aijune lau