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Upon The Disco

Featured AVS Preset, December 5, 2002.

Featured AVS Preset, December 5, 2002.

back to the roots !60's rulz

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September 16, 2003 by Christian Petryk67504 downloads

Upon The Disco - Featured AVS Preset, December 5, 2002.

Staff review

Swirling disco light

This is a nice visual... laser light theme with a swirling twist. It would make for a more functional download as part of a collection tho.


Simple and easy-loader, thanks - its simple, easy to load and doesnt degrade my system up to now so I gave ya a 5 to raise score, overall U should have a decent 4. Is there a plug-in that looks alot more disco-like? like laers and reflective mirror balls and stuff? or some plug-in that folows loud bass accurately and perfectly.. and treble... - January 30, 2003 by Andre Olivierq

Nice - When I Saw It, I Felt As If I Was In Some Disco With Laser Lights And Other Similar Stuff. It's Just Nice To Watch It. Give A Try To It. - December 14, 2002 by Juozas Dovydaitis