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TV Signal

copyright 2006 by BullyGil

copyright 2006 by BullyGil

Hi!This is my second Avs Preset!Hope you like it!

More Plugins Soon!

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December 1, 2006 by Virgil Bugnariu5715 downloads

TV Signal - copyright 2006 by BullyGil

Staff review


An installer with half of the text in Romanian and a bad path usually isn't a good sign, and this was disturbingly close to what I thought it would be. Look at the screenshot, and you've seen it all. Doesn't do much, doesn't look all that good, and isn't all that innovative. The author should really put some more effort in making of his presets before unleashing them onto the unsuspecting public... It's his second avs preset, and it shows. Only with a lot of practice may one achieve greatness...