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Fading ambient demo-style effects (Requires DirectX 7)

Fading ambient demo-style effects (Requires DirectX 7)

Features 12 effects, including metaballs and free direction tunnel. Quite mellow, best experienced to softer music. A 3D card is recommended. v2.92 fixes a configuration bug.

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September 25, 2000 by Ben Marsh486654 downloads

Tripex2 - Fading ambient demo-style effects (Requires DirectX 7)

Staff review

Next level visuals....

Tripex keeps it going with this new version. As before... some very intricate and amazing visuals await your download. That octopus thingy, gratuitously copied or not... that thing is soooo freaking cool. Of course, with astounding visuals, comes the fact that you are best off with a decent machine. DirectX 7 is required as well.... I ran it on a machine without a 3d accelerator tho... in full screen it slowed a bit... but, minimized window ran fine and it still gives you a peep into the amazing realm of 3d animation. Go watch that octopus thingy now. -dg


Kick-ass lyrics-cum-visualization plugin!!! - I like the way it integrates lyrics with the visuals & every specified portion of the song. But I'd like to see ID3 Lyrics support in the future. - June 7, 2003 by Prashanth Srinivasan

Almost perfect!!!!! - This is the most beautiful plug-in I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot! Some more presets and it would be just perfect. This is really worth downloading. - March 2, 2003 by Helge Larsen

ttttoooooooppppppp - I did'nt think my pc was capable of showing things like this([email protected] excellent)best viewed with a pink floyd track(shine on you crazy diamond works well)oh and make sure youve built a large one(i meant a rollup).honestly the house could of burn't down around me and i would'nt of noticed. - February 6, 2003 by colin donald

Great use of graphics - I have a 500 with 256 ram and a 16MB video card and it runs perfectly this has the best use of colors and shapes I have seen in a long time - November 19, 2002 by Brinn Whiteley

Design! - The best designed plugin I have ever seen! - October 8, 2002 by klas olofson

Tripex - Ben, didn't you have a Tripex 3? - April 30, 2002 by Tammi Pryor

Perfect! - Nothing to say. Simply amazing. But why the Tripex2 is not on the 3D plugins donwlaod page? - April 6, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Ummm... - I thought my machine was pretty good, but it made everything skip like a broken record... I have DirectX 7, too. I guess if a plugin requires that much power, it's just not worth it. - April 5, 2002 by Douglas Schmidt

Jesus Is God, NOT JEZUS H CHRIST!!! - If y'all like this plugin, then down it. Just don't profane my bud's name as though He did nothing for y'all. The authors would not like to be on the same pedestal as Jesus. If y'all are lovin' the action of anything y'all see on this site no matter where you navigate, express it without involving a profane gesture towards the One & Only Jesus Christ, who saved me from myself. - March 28, 2002 by Don Fisher

Tripex Is God - Tripex 2 and the whole Tripex series rule - March 22, 2002 by Sebastian M�ki

diferente - esse ? otimo, deixa vc pirado ? animal >>>>>>>>>? o melhor - March 8, 2002 by leo feliz

effects - this has the best visuals that iv'e seen since the triplex3 - March 2, 2002 by H M Hagen

Jezus H Chr1st - this is one cool ass plugin. nice geiss-like visuals but on a different scale. i hope the person who made this makes more effects. anyway, with this, 1 large screen tv, 1 geforce3 with tv out, and a long enough video cord, the afterparty kicks ass! - January 17, 2002 by tossin salad

good, but.. - Looks nice, acts nice, but I'd rather go for RabidHamster's R2.. - November 18, 2001 by Arve Siitonen

Tripex2 - I love the animation, just not enough duration between sceens. Hope that you keep me up to date on any further progress with this. - November 16, 2001 by Jeremy Hendricks

WOW - unbelievable,try with trance music,a total trip. - November 1, 2001 by JOSE MUNOZ

Slower than Glide Version - The old 3dfx Glide version of this plugin on a P3 450 with a Voodoo 3 3000 was faster and just more impressive than the current version on a Athlon TBird 1 GHZ with an ATI Radeon All-In Wonder.What's up with that? - October 10, 2001 by Craig Spurlock

well.... - It has great visual affects. But those french fry thingies are really annoying. - September 6, 2001 by Lauren Richardson

Great! - Would av givin it 5 but it slows down on fade + need more presets :) - July 21, 2001 by Anthony Tang

Octopus thingy - I might have given it 4 stars but I gave it 5 because the octopus thingy is so cool. The colors and patterns are truly exciting. Angles are precise. - July 5, 2001 by Jim Mathis

cewl - just cewl - July 4, 2001 by Bart Elferink

One of the most amazing things ive ever seen... - I think it runs great..... Keep up the good work... - June 4, 2001 by Frederik Lange

Pretty good - Nice interface, runs smoothly and looks nice - June 3, 2001 by jor mustermeir

excellent,groovy - this is the best plug in i have ever seen.This applies to all kinds of player plugins that have tried but not come close to this one.the guys in winamp may tell u otherwise but this is the one.except for a few bug but they are negligible an you can still run the program to its fullest potential. - May 24, 2001 by bheemaiah aiyappa

Deeeeaaaamn! - Oh My Godd!! Anyone who didn't like this has a slow memory card. I am not easily pleased, yet I have seen the best plug in ever made. No other plug in comes close. I must have a good card cuz I got no skips or glitches, just sheer psychodelic enjoyment. Download NOW! Trust me. - May 18, 2001 by Avery Flores

Niiiiceeee..... - These are some of the best 3D visualizations I've ever seen. The transitions are smooth, hypnotic backgrounds... I'm im love. If only there weren't a couple bugs going from windowed to full screen. Oh well, still sweet - March 29, 2001 by Dan Sherman