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Tonic v5


Only Black and White

Second Album from me with only B&W presets.

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January 22, 2002 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)51741 downloads

Tonic v5 - BnW II - Only Black and White

Staff review

Excellent black and white AVS presets

This is an incredible collection of black and white themed presets. The absense of color is a very strong style that really works well here. Some may find an entire collection without color to be a bit much, while others will revel in it. Either way, these are some top notch presets that every AVS fan would do well to download. Smooth and innovative all the way thru. I think it would be fairly interesting to see some of these rendered in color... a remix pack maybe? hint hint


[email protected] eye candy - even though i love alot of different graphics and color combos, it does get a little mediocre at times. thats why it was good to see tonic's black and white. very original. i just wish it were a little faster. it would be kickass to watch while listening to RATM. - July 9, 2002 by got darwin?

Five Stars! - It'so sad to see an obvious 5 stars work downrated by some mental troubled (i liked this expression)guys(?). - May 1, 2002 by beth matos

B&W great experiment. - Very original idea, it gave more variety to my avs collection. And, Bukhbat Mical, you are another one who should take a fuck flying to a colorful hell, and you too stay there! - April 13, 2002 by Jack Pack

Mental Troubled! - So we have the "pleasure" to know another mental troubled guy in the review's page. How can this insanity dumb rate with 0 star a masterpiece like this? And there's more, "he" rated with 2 stars the great Storm pack created by Sander Kupers, just because "he" can't believe S.Kupers have 14 years old. I guess we never be free from "people" like this Mical. Mical, get out! - March 26, 2002 by joaquim jardim

color blind - Sorry to say this but it isn't as attractive as their color counterparts..bullsh*t if people say otherwise. - March 25, 2002 by Bukhbat Mical

Amateurs! - So here they come again. Once in a while, some stupids amateurs appears to show how dumb they are. How can someone rate this masterpiece with only 3 stars. This same idiot rated 1 star the Amigam fx pack created by Dan Joe, the same one that El-vis rated 5 stars. Do you know who El-vis is, Sanchez? Just when we thought we were free from people like Janne Manne, there comes another dude. - March 12, 2002 by reynaldo paes

cool (in part) - there are many in here i don't care for, but some f12king awesome ones too. - March 11, 2002 by Umberto Sanchez

Excellent as usual, Tonic. - more great stuff from Tonic. So many variations on a single theme! - January 23, 2002 by Christian Delmater