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Tonic v4

My 4D Life in Sofia

Featured AVS Preset.

It is 4th Dimension. Yes real 4D because "3D Look" + "Real Time Movements" = "4th Dimension".

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September 16, 2003 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)410948 downloads

Tonic v4 - My 4D Life in Sofia - Featured AVS Preset.

Staff review

Oh my... just when you thought AVS couldn't get any better

Tonic is bringing some serious next level flavor here... this pack has some very incredible moments. These presets have amazing movement to them... each dimension and layer has it's own distinct style of flow... really does look like another dimension. Tonic also brings a solid sense of pattern and color to the 3d and dynamic movement realm. Just sit and watch the intro for a while... very very impressive stuff. Download this without haste or question.


Good plugin but... - Installed it, great! Had a look through it.. Fantastic! Closed the vis window to get on with work, new song started and the vis window opened up again... and again... and again. Okay... So, stop music, close winamp, Control panel, add/rem etc... "Files are missing, seems to be uninstalled already, would you like to remove it from the list?" Someone please tell me how I can remove this from Winamp? It's still there, it's still active and it's embedded itself. I've even deleted the files associated with it and still it's there! Effects are fantastic. Get rid of the "force vis window to open on new song/play" and fix the uninstaller. - November 7, 2006 by Chris Palmer

Sloppy code - Ok, maybe it is just me, but I do not like something loading in the backround, seperate from the application...and then not being able to close it. Fortunately, I was able to kill the process tonic4. Sorry, I expect seemless intergration into winamp. If you create a plug-in for winamp, it should be comfortable inside of winamp. - May 6, 2006 by Papa Smurf

Great Job Yordan! - This is one of the gratest plug-ins I've seen! BG:Tova sa edni ot nai-dobrite plug-ina koito sum vijdal! Realy nice job ! thx - March 18, 2006 by Emilian Zaharinov

:) :) :) - My 4D Life in Sofia E SOUPER.....perfecna ideia i pesen...koiato 4ak da me nakara da se registriram 4e da dam tova Review :) Blagodarnosti ot USA :) i davam ** 6 Stars** :) - January 3, 2006 by Doby Grigorov

Mostly Outstanding. - After viewing for 5 minutes. found it almost 10/10. Exceptional 4d graphics which keeps beet to the music. The only thing that let's it down is your intro, apart from that fantastic. - December 22, 2005 by Ben Davis

Don't think! Download! - Well what are you waiting for, rookie? Download! - October 26, 2004 by the bonehead

BG Is Takin' Da World - EN: Good, man, good. Da BG guys are takin' da world. I just wanna everyone to be like you, like us, like other bulgarians. BG: Bravo be, chovek. Bulgarite postepenno prevzemat sveta. Dano ne si poslednia, da ima i drugi. P.S: EN: I act in takin' da world too with my Nuclear Pack. BG: I az uchastvam v prevzemaneto s moiat Nuclear Pack (Radioaktiven Paket). - April 27, 2004 by Demo Man

the best ever - no comment - January 29, 2004 by Daniel Mashev

arrrgh - Wiped my playlist, replacing it with some stupid song. - January 13, 2004 by Sim Durrance

At last! - The 3D barrier has been broken! Yeehaw! - December 14, 2003 by JJ RULEZ

visual crack - Some of theese are friggin awesome, and some are only awesome to someone that makes avs presets. I make em. The disco big disco wall preset just zones me the fu*k out. tonic owns you all. - November 2, 2002 by auto cannibal


This Is Art! - I'll never get tired of watching this pack. - April 30, 2002 by beth matos

I Don't Remember... - ...seeing so many top presets like this before! - March 31, 2002 by li lin

Tonic For All - Let's get together and put Tonic's greatest pack where it belongs: At The Top! Submit your review and give it five stars NOW! - March 25, 2002 by tais jardim

In My Life - This wonderful work should be in the 5 stars category. 4,5 don't reflect all the beauty and technique there are inside it. - March 24, 2002 by reynaldo paes - Perfect !!! - March 12, 2002 by Harley Davidson

One of the best - This is by far one of the best AVP's I've ever seen. The simplicity of black and white mixed with the complexity of the designs. These guys did a great job. - February 20, 2002 by Justin Novak

Elegant - Elegant; simple; mesmerizing. Enjoy its wonderful hypnotic powers. - February 14, 2002 by Kent Rebman

Take Some Time - Hey, the intro alone deserves 6 stars... - February 9, 2002 by Frank Nagel

Good God! - Oh my good God! How can You stand those amateurs giving their "intelligent" opinions, if they don't even know how to install or uninstall a plugin. First of all you have to learn, and ONLY then post your reviews. I suggest them to go play with the Windows Media Player, "everything" comes ready. - February 8, 2002 by joaquim jardim

good` good`very good!!! - COOL - February 6, 2002 by Greg Bennett

swank - Gotta have this one! - January 18, 2002 by Friz botch

Superb quality - And Innovation from the Artist himself - January 17, 2002 by JaY FaTBoY

Masterpiece - One of the greatest avs packs ever and it's got only 2694 dl. - January 17, 2002 by Janne Kayhko

GrOoVy - 'In Side Cage' and 'Lumping' are very impressive. Hope you guys keep the balance between tech demo and music visualisation. Some presets have effects i saw already. Anyway: Download this! - January 16, 2002 by Christian Traub