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The Presets v5

Newest presets (most of them using DM)

Newest presets (most of them using DM)

Dynamic Movement powered sweetness...

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July 9, 2001 by Tuomas Kinnunen79406 downloads

The Presets v5 - Newest presets (most of them using DM)

Staff review

Excellent AVS collection

These are some top notch presets that are well worth feasting your eyes upon. There are some liquid motions present in a few of these that are outstanding. Overall, a great collection of quality visuals. -dg


Trojan Horse Threat - AVG found Trojan Horse threat. March 30, 2007 2:30 am Friday Morning - March 30, 2007 by Johnny Usa

Great - Loved - August 19, 2006 by Steve Xxx

Your Freakin' Good - Good Job, Man! I can't wait till i upload mine (if that ever gets done) :P - July 22, 2006 by Jerry Windrim

All Of Them - This guy is simply out of sight. But if I were you, I would look for the "All The Presets", a super pack with all his work. Go now! - January 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

SWEET, juicy Presets - Download these now, their definity worth a look. Peace. - July 17, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

Paresh Barot - Just Amazing! Keep up the great programming! - July 17, 2001 by Paresh Barot

perfect - It was a long wait for The presets v5.It was worth it.You gotta love em - July 15, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

Milestone AVS - This guy is simply great, he belogns to an AVS artist group were I'm leaning from :-) solid work ;-) - July 13, 2001 by Fabrizio Cattaneo

Great presets - very odddddddddddddddddd love it - July 12, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn