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The Matrix Real

Featured AVS Preset, June 12, 2003

Featured AVS Preset, June 12, 2003

There is no spoon. Even though it's made only by superscopes, it looks good, doesn't?(i've seen too many comments saying that it runs slow like some guy saying that it runs on 3 FPS, ja ja ja in my PC runas at 30 FPS, if it runs slow in your computer, your PC sucks please get a new one, if anyone could do it better with AVS let me know)

Download visualization

September 22, 2003 by Jose Osmar Llanas Lira141055 downloads

The Matrix Real - Featured AVS Preset, June 12, 2003

Staff review

Decent matrix styled AVS preset

Only one preset here, so it doesn't make for the most functional of downloads. The visual itself is pretty good, the movement and color looks good, but, it would be nice to actually use actual digits to make it more accurate to the real matrix style.


WTF - i cant even get this plugin to work if you want a good matrix program download Zmatrix from - July 21, 2003 by 1 1

Ouch - Seeing this preset made my eyes bleed. It's ugly, slow, unresponsive, and noobish. I can't believe it was featured! If people think this is good, they need to have a look at some serious AVS presets by proper artists. Not random crap just thrown together. - July 18, 2003 by Timothy Zeven

Its good \ - but so many Superscopes so its slowly for my pc frame rate is 11 :-( - July 6, 2003 by Wesey UbuuIsak

ah ... fail - the matrix movie is good this isnt - June 27, 2003 by dyl wes

Eh - It's a cool effect. Not much to it. I also agree with the fact that you should have used actual characters. Although there's not much to it, I still like it. - June 21, 2003 by Zach H

Good - I like this preset but it runs a little to slow. Well on my computer at least. Good job linking all of the superscopes together though. - June 21, 2003 by Chase Lindeman

Matrix - i Love Matrix Movie...but this pluqin isnt bad at all, it deserve 3 Stars :) - June 16, 2003 by ian Stan

matrix...... ???? - Good, good, really good.... BUT IT COULD BE A LOT BETTER - June 14, 2003 by Gergely Tarsoly

Not that good - I may look good in the picture but once you download it and run it, it's not that good. I mean you can't even see the code, it's just a whole bunch of grenn lines. Even in full screen. Other wise nice configuration and it's pritty fluint - June 13, 2003 by DJX

I think that guy is a bot. - He used to make AVS presets that were sonique plugins wrapped. like he did anything special or significant. - June 1, 2003 by Fidel Andrade