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The Cat DJ

The cat that can dj

The cat that can dj

a cat that can dj in time with your mp3\\\'s (well if u want it to anyway!)

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August 29, 2005 by Tim Bailey23326 downloads

The Cat DJ - The cat that can dj

Staff review

Clever kitty

Just the one preset of an animated cat being a dj and you'll either love it or despise it. I liked it but that's just me ;)


One star for the kitty - This is a piece of crap. Seriously. I normally can find something nice to say about almost anything. So here's the nice thing. Good concept. Problem? It's poorly thought out, and it's execution is even worse. Downloaded it? Can't get it to work? You can't get it to work because it's not really a preset. It's an .avi file. It's an incredibly short film(under 30 seconds and looped, + incredibly low-resolution). Want it to work? It's easy, just right click on winamp's screen>left-click AVS Editor. From there it's preset>new, then inside of editor click +>render>AVI. Then choose the catdj file. While you're in there, think about it. You probably have an .avi slideshow you'd rather watch than this crummy cat. So copy it into c://program files/winamp/plugins/avs then select that slideshow instead of this dissapointment of a file :( - September 23, 2005 by Nolita Wineman

Looks cool but......... - I can't get it to work right.... Can anyone help me get it to work correctly....if so I think it would be killer. Maybe it's the blunt I smoked just now that's making it difficult for - September 14, 2005 by Billy Green