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The Canyon

a 3D Canyon

a 3D Canyon

A 3D canyon that is created by the music

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October 19, 2000 by Jon Howell66979 downloads

The Canyon - a 3D Canyon

Staff review

Travelling thru a canyon

Smooth plug-in... cool to watch the peaks of the of the mountains react to the music. The bigger the beat, the bigger the peaks. It would be cool to see some trails in the sky or something like that. Also, it would be cool if the actuall canyon path itself went on dips and peaks....something to add more visual variety. -dg


sweet - it's pretty cool but it needs a windowed option. it also needs to be more customizeable - December 3, 2002 by Matthew Rozier

haaaaaaaaaalllllppp.... - i'm lost.....wheeeeee! this plug-in is so kewl!! at first i didn't get why the canyon was going berserk, but then my baka-brain kicked in and i realized it was going berserk with the music ^^"" heh... i feel like im in another world while staring at it for too long.....wheeeeeee! - May 13, 2002 by [CBTK+STTK]Hullo AKA CrowbarTK Hullo

Pretty [email protected] Sweet! - It does need something in the foreground, particles, trailers,sumpin like that.Also needs more variety of colors.It does require a nice beat though,not for rock. - April 28, 2001 by Matt Blair