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another ten remixes of tentaclism

another ten remixes of tentaclism

ten remixes of tentaclism, a preset by the dynamic duo. remixers include drew, micro.d, onionring, hboy, midas, meaningless-existance and yathosho! for more!

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April 21, 2009 by Dynamic Duo8898 downloads

Tentacliism - another ten remixes of tentaclism

Staff review


one of the best visulization packs i've reviewed these days


false positive - hey chris, unfortunately your problem is a common issue with many installers based on nullsoft's own nsis ( doing a quicksearch on the nsis forum here on will confirm this. we can only recommend upgrading your virus signatures, do a cross-check with other tools and as last scenario, report this to the manufacturer of bitdefender. - April 26, 2009 by Dynamic Duo

Getting trojan alert..false pos? - Getting a trojan alert when attempting to download. Using Bitdefender 2009. It is most likely a False pos, but cannot download unless Virus app turned off. Aint gonna do that. Anyone else? - April 26, 2009 by Chris Kelly

can't get enough - one might have doubts, there is need for more remixes of the same preset. turns out to be another top notch pack from the dynamic duo, contains some killer remixes! - April 24, 2009 by A Guy called Yathosho