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T-K Melting the Clouds

Our 4th Pack

Our 4th Pack

A vast improvement from our usual style. There are some great presets in this pack.

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May 21, 2002 by t-k KILDOG5632 downloads

T-K Melting the Clouds - Our 4th Pack

Staff review

Tight visuals... nicely done

This is a quality collection... definitely worth downloading. The authors create very smooth visuals that feature excellent blending and layering... nicely programmed in terms of flow as well. Good stuff.


Want It All! - These guys are so incredible as we can see by his presets. Now i'm gonna look for all their old packs! - May 23, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Melting My Eyes! - This an inspired creation by T-K, and I have no doubt rating it with 5 stars! - May 22, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Finally T-K - When I saw this at Deviantart I was so amazed from your skills that you became one of my personally favourites.. Keep going - May 22, 2002 by Janne Kayhko