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My second contribution!

My second contribution!

SwingBy is mainly a collection of unusual superscopes to form nontrivial music visualisations. Well... that was my intention, at least. But I'm sure You'll like some of them.

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January 25, 2002 by Christian Traub5708 downloads

SwingBy - My second contribution!

Staff review

Very interesting styles here... cool presets

This is a tight collection... really different styles... all have a feeling of being well thought out. The 'Reflection Splinters' preset is one that my eyes enjoyed... many others as well.


Pretty good - It's ok. I've seen better, but not bad. Some nice presets, although I'm not a big fan of AVS. - January 26, 2002 by Micsa Marius

Great One - These are top presets. Yes, there are better, but how could we know, if there weren't such good ones like in this pack? I bet the author will jump to the 5 stars category in his next work. I am a big fan of this art. - January 26, 2002 by joaquim jardim