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A very original Plug-In

A very original Plug-In

My first vis plug-in. It's pretty cool, all graphics are regular windows GDI, no fancy hardware or software needed. Runs really fast, you have to see it move to appreciate it.

Version 1.2 has changed little but runs almost twice as fast.

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June 8, 2005 by steve weber132863 downloads

SteveVis - A very original Plug-In

Staff review


As a first plugin goes this is pretty psychaedelic and reminds me of the old fractal generators.

There are a few rough edges like it not remembering the window's size on close.

The new version is definitely faster.


1/5 - 1.5 - February 12, 2007 by DonDomel Domel

Crashed, but good try - This crashed when I tried it, but looked good for your first try. - July 6, 2005 by Alex Campbell