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Startle v. 0.2

Startle v. 0.2

The next version of Startle that you've all been waiting so patiently for. Updates: Speed optimizations, features, bug fixes.

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August 22, 2001 by Delete Key16554 downloads

Startle02 - Startle v. 0.2

Staff review

Update to a nifty plug-in

This plug-in is for all the people out there that crave visual reaction to their music in all areas of the computer. Startle turns your Windows Start button into a VU/Spectrum/Oscilliscope display. New version with bug fixes.


unique - it's original. but that's about it. I have it for ages, but i use it very rarely. - December 31, 2002 by Maros P.

Great Idea!!! - This plugin makes great use of otherwise worthless real estate... can't wait to see future versions, perhaps Whitecap or some other visuals can redefine the start button! P.S. How about making a website for it? - August 24, 2001 by Clay Stallard aka Haywood Jablomi