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analogue bubblebath in 11 flavors

analogue bubblebath in 11 flavors

although i did not plan to release a follow up to since then , i was quite busy and put together a couple of new presets (not all contained). with konzentrik you'll find my first own movement, the preset itself was the basis of my previously released kirscharoma. beside the older presets helianto and aztec iooi, the new presets are rather lazy, just like the music i listened to when i created those. in the sixties-influenced sensorama and substanz i used el-vis' dynamic movements as basis and altered them to fit. both are the last ones being based on the iooi-series (i found out iooi wouldnt run as desired on higher resolutions). when i got real sick of all those organic presets (and i mean sick, physically!) i started creating the two abstraktion presets, somehow a hommage to italian (product-)design from the sixties, simple but colorful.

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August 20, 2001 by A Guy called Yathosho74468 downloads

since then 2 - analogue bubblebath in 11 flavors

Staff review

An essential AVS download

These visuals are highly tastey and impressive.... a perfectly sized collection of top notch presets. Great pattern movement here... from chaotic venetian blinds to liquid 1970's wallpaper...these are well worth the download.


Run-of-the-Mill - Not bad, but doesn't seem to be anything unique or pleasantly deviant from your usual epileptic-seizure-on-acid AVS presets. =\ Maybe I'm simply being too critical by putting this preset up against the work of other AVS artists like 'EL-VIS' and 'duo,' but I really didn't find anything about this preset pack that made me said "Wow." A+ for effort, but still only a 2-star AVS pack. - November 18, 2004 by William Santa

Janne - Don't dis anyone else's presets and say they are crappy unless you can do better. - November 25, 2001 by Angry Weasel

Get Out Off Our Cloud - This is one of the many 5 stars avs of the Winamp's world. Just take a look at the top artists reviews. Who does this stupid "Janne" (man or woman?)think he (or she)is? One thing is for certain: he (or she, ah ah ah..) doesn't understand anyhting of plugins or avs. Hey Janne, GET OUT OFF OUR CLOUD! - October 21, 2001 by joaquim jardim

Can you get this to work? - I've never had any problem before loading avs's, but with this one I either get errors while its running, or just setting it up. Anyway, hope you can get it to work. - August 21, 2001 by King Dave