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RX _ sight_difference

the third remix pack

the third remix pack

60 presets:
10 new ones
20 of my presets remixed
30 presets i remixed

released for my 18th birthday
have fun!

exclusive ep available at

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August 8, 2006 by Charles Berczi16209 downloads

RX _ sight_difference - the third remix pack

Staff review

A great, huge remix pack.

First, I want all of you to imagine 10 lines of me talking about framey's unique style and all. Ok. Good. Now, we can continue. The lineup of remixers (and people whose presets are remixed) is quite impressive here, and it shows. Almost every single one of these presets is unique and lovely in one way or another, some don't show it until some time has passed, some don't show it at all, but it's still an impressive pack to watch. Sure, there are some subpar presets in here, where experimentation has gone awry, but for every one of those there is at least one brilliant preset, like say, the alternate version of qviex, or the version of evvax... Alien trickery II and squai are some of the best presets EVER. There is a 5 star pack hiding in here, but, as so often happens with packs this big, there is a bunch of presets that can be categorized only as filler, and which detract from the overall grade. Still, this is a pack you simply have to download. 4.75-


GOOD WORK, F.O.R.!!!! - Huge pack, congratulations!!!! Happy birthday, Framesofreality. I hope we can be good friends. Give me your e-mail address and i'll send u some of my new AVS presets. Peace, Ravonstar (Alessandro Zara) - August 16, 2006 by Alessandro Zara

Dirty, sexy... love it - A great pack, grimy but beautiful... Couple of duffers, but its the great creativity of artists like framy that make AVS the don of all visualisations. Peace zen-x - August 15, 2006 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

Nice pack - I just checked your pack, it's really cool and I'm short with words saying just cool. I liked your originals, and your remixes (Thanks BTW). I am so envious. Well keep on AVSing our stuff is really really cool. So long and thanks for all the AVS - August 14, 2006 by Victor F_L