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Bumping blitzed blits 'til the party's through

Bumping blitzed blits 'til the party's through

My first preset pack ever! Would you believe I made all these in five hours while waiting for a callback on a job? I don't - they're a lot better than anything I've ever done before. O_o

6 original presets. 2 exclusive Tuggummi remixes. The set is a tribute to interleaves, bump lighting, and most of all the rotoblitter. It's also a tribute to making beat-dependent presets that really flow *with* the song.

Enjoy the presets and keep that party thumpin' and bumpin' 'til the early dawn. Hope to see all your best presets on my playlist soon!

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August 4, 2006 by Drew Bledder6709 downloads

Rotobumper - Bumping blitzed blits 'til the party's through

Staff review

Too small.

An average-but-too-small newbie pack. The presets are ok at best, and the colours tend to be quite nice, but the inexperience of the AVSer shows, and it's obvious that most of these would be much better with some more work. Try harder !


Yes, I know... - Yes, I know what it's like to be a beginner... (Come to think of it, I still am!) Just keep practising... Practise makes perfect... Still, pretty good! - August 24, 2006 by Jerry Windrim

Try Harder! - Yes, i agree with the staff. Try harder,ok? (actually i want to give you 4 stars, but i decide 3 is ok) - August 12, 2006 by Zary Jack