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Second Pack

Taken about a tenth of the time to make than my first pack, more aesthetic experiments.

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August 17, 2004 by Ryan Dunn11396 downloads

Raz - Two - Second Pack

Staff review

Nice one.

The rating's a bit scretched because there are some presets that simply shouldn't have been there (Seaweed with its screwed up colors for example - you use far too much grey in your presets), but "Boris", "Music", and "Smooth boost the quality of the pack by far.


Raztastic! - I was just wow-ed when I first saw this pack. Raz combines his finely tuned coding skills with an artistic eye & comes through with some of the most refreshing presets to be seen in a while. If you've never heard of him before, now's a good chance to discover what its all about. - August 20, 2004 by Nemo Orange