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Quake AVS

Well, my first pack...

Well, my first pack...

This is just the typical "hello and good-bye" pack: It's my very first and probably also my very last AVS pack. All presets have been made between 2002 and 2005.

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October 15, 2005 by Namquang Tran11154 downloads

Quake AVS - Well, my first pack...

Staff review

An interesting pack of uneven qualiy.

It's really an interesting showcase of a "growing up" of an AVSer. Unfortunately, the result is very uneven quality. They obviously get better and better, but they're never truly great (only very good, 2 of them (one of those is hillarious too)). You should really get this pack, but don't expect any wonders. It leaves me in doubt... it's a 3.75 pack, so I'm slightly downrating it.


A pack with an attitude. - In a word, this pack has style & attitude you most likely will never find in other AVS packs. True, while the quality and type of presets ranges and differs greatly, it's still too good of a pack to pass by. Heck the tank-game itself is hours of fun! I suggest you get this and enjoy the diversity it has to offer! - December 7, 2005 by Jukka Keskinarkaus

some cool preset - there's 2 cool presets that i like most.. but the other are not bad. keep goin' :) - October 26, 2005 by Jay Ridzuan

The Staff Comment Says it All - There are some very mediocre presets, and some spectaluar ones. This is a real mix. Note: Lots of disorienting rocking movements. Have and aspirin on hand when watching this one. - October 24, 2005 by Alex Golec