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Pioneer Stereo

Pioneer Stereo

Pioneer Stereo

Pioneer Stereo:LEFT & RIGHT Mouse Button = Rotate.

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April 21, 2009 by Kamil Stawski137629 downloads

Pioneer Stereo - Pioneer Stereo

Staff review

speaker animation

Nice animation, beat-sensitive.


This is one of the best visualizations i have ever seen. The excursion is so accurate it almost looks like a real one.The staff review says NICE ANIMATION... i would say MARVELLOUS..this one should get an award perhaps!Well done kawski! - January 13, 2010 by Headrush13 x

It's Good But... - This Plug-in is very good.I've never seen such Plug-in before.However, I wish I could make this Plug-in go full screen.To the author, can you adjust this Plug-In able to go Full Screen? - September 16, 2009 by nottie_boy

SUPER! - Super!!! I very long time found this plugin! Wou - August 5, 2009 by kostyalgr2