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Part Way to Demiurgy

Download and enjoy my first AVS pack!

Download and enjoy my first AVS pack!

demiurge: 'de-mE-"&rj n. 1. a Platonic subordinate deity who fashions the sensible world in the light of eternal ideas 2. one that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power

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January 3, 2002 by Chris Skuller (Solamon)4536 downloads

Part Way to Demiurgy - Download and enjoy my first AVS pack!

Staff review

Quality visuals here

This is a tight collection of presets...definitely worth checking out. Smooth styles and interesting patterns all around...and yes... grandma really should not trip while sewing quilts...haha...good stuff.


You Made It Right - Yes, Mr.Chris you did great! - February 17, 2002 by joaquim jardim

A BREATH OF ORIGINALITY - This is truly an amazing pack full of individual style and uncommon flair. I especially enjoyed "Afterburner" and "Dance of the Phoenix and the Dragon". You really need to download this pack. It is a must for any AVS enthusiast's collection. :) - January 10, 2002 by Anna Wingard

Worth Checkin out - Very interesting visualisations, new ideas and techniques r all part of this cool pack. keep makin them, u could go a ling way. - January 7, 2002 by Peter Sergeev

DAMN THESE ARE THE BEST ;) - I wrote these presets so I'm supposed to say that. :)Download them and judge them for yourself. - January 4, 2002 by Chris Skuller (Solamon)

Pretty Nice - I really like this pack. The author has done a great job of creating AVS's, and it looks like they have put a lot of time and effort into these 20 creations. My favorite is definitely the "grandma-quilt" one. It really looks like patchwork flying around on the screen. Most of these presets are better than average, and some are fantastic. These presets are different, and I think they'd make a good addition to your AVS library. - January 4, 2002 by Aaron Coffey