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PAK-9 AVS 5 Featuring

- Jheriko

- UnConeD

- Tuggummi

- Frames of Reality

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* Updated 04 Sept - A few fixes *

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September 1, 2005 by PAK 9431091 downloads

PAK-9 AVS 5 - PAK-9 AVS 5

Staff review

A well deserved 5 for pack no. 5.

Yes. It got a 5, and it deserves it. It's got the best and the most original intro I've seen in years. It's got a working Tetris clone preset, that's better than many "regular" clones. It's got beanies (download to see what I'm talking about. A lot of presets are interactive in one way or another. If I started praising the pack right now, I'd run out of space really soon. Is there anything bad about it ? Well, some of the remixes aren't as good as the other presets, but that's nitpicking. Download this. Now !


Unique - These presets are crazy awesome. Games, funky music analyzers, mexican jumping beans, 3D space ships - it all there ^-^ - November 27, 2007 by Sindri Joynton

Very nice - Free, it works, it looks good. - November 24, 2005 by Paul Young

putka - Kikiriku - November 13, 2005 by shpetim sulejmani

Eh - Not so hot. The "interactivity" is hardly interesting. The ability to make minor changes in the sharpness or behavior don't cut it for me. Honestly, when have you ever seen a preset that makes you say "well, it would be good, but I can't change the camera angle" Most good presets are good partially because the author already decided on the best value for everything that PAK-9 5 lets you modify. What makes these not that interesting? For me, mostly lack of color and limited music response. The presets are either pretty bland or have poor color choices. The music response is there, but it just isn't engaging. - November 13, 2005 by Jason Brodsky

Great! - Can I rate this AVS with more than 5 stars? I have no words to describe it... It's just... perfect! Great job, guys! - November 9, 2005 by Duca Andrei

aaaaaaaah help meeeee! - aaaaaah! i downloaded itt and i don't know howw to start itt or whatt itt does, cann someome please help me?! - November 2, 2005 by karl ravioli

Culmination - Pak-9 has always had the technical ability for making truly masterful visualizations. I'm proud to say that in this release he has finally matched those capabilities with a keen artistic and creative mindset. Presets are entertaining, clever, funny and all around dazzling. Easily the best thing to come out of the UK since the Spice Girls. - September 13, 2005 by Nemo Orange