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Official Ninja Month AVS Pack

Smoke Bomb! It is the Ninja Pack!

Smoke Bomb! It is the Ninja Pack!

It has 4 presets in it, specially made for winamp's Ninja Month.It was made with some friends of mine at AVSociety (Tonic & Marco)

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April 17, 2001 by ParaNoya (Marcel Lauwerijssen)64015 downloads

Official Ninja Month AVS Pack - Smoke Bomb! It is the Ninja Pack!

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Special thanks go out to our AVSociety friends who put together this silent yet deadly group of AVS presets. URUSEI baka yaroo!!!


Sucks! - What is this? I was lied to! All those who thought this was any good, please feel free to send whatever you are smokin' over here. I want in on the joke! - October 27, 2001 by Jon Barnhill

You call this Ninja? - What is this? were you dreaming when you make this? or are you trying to kill me with this? (oh, now I know why you call it Ninja... to assasinate) - September 4, 2001 by Hikaru Hamasaki

Nice stuff - Nice presets and stuff... they look way kewl... Stick figures fighting? Never would have thought of that one :) The only thing is, there's only four! Oh well... they still ROCK. - June 12, 2001 by Erik Tomlinson

I will Kill you - Fuck yourself.Thi's is owful.I will never download this. - May 9, 2001 by Rajko Stojadinovic

Interesting - Cool pack dudes, I also like the intro it's really funny. - April 27, 2001 by Dan Cooper

perfect - AVS at its max! - April 26, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

KICK ASS! - These are very well done and run well on my computer. I suppose the previous post should upgrade his Pentium 200 MMX to at least a PII 300. - April 23, 2001 by Ksilebo Sevlasnog

Too Slow ! - The Presets are too slow on my machine so i will not like these ! They are beautiful but too SLow... - April 21, 2001 by AvSM (Antti Ahokas)

The first - Yes the first one is funny. Ninja style, when he kick off the other man head. goooooooooooood one. - April 19, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn

Answert to "Why only 4 presets ?" - Thare is only 4 presets because we do not have enough time to prepare more for dead line date. Expect more in next month. But presets are very cool. - April 18, 2001 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

:( - If only u had more presets, u probably get a 5 star!!!!!! - April 18, 2001 by Michael "Llama" Nissan