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Nanakiwurkz V5

My current work

My current work

Yay I finally made a pack that got some heads turning in the avs forums. please enjoy this gem.

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April 17, 2007 by Donald Sargeant11094 downloads

Nanakiwurkz V5 - My current work

Staff review

Yup, he's improving.

It's still not a great pack, far from it, but some of the presets in here are quice nice. Neonics, the analysis presets and the moebius strip are all nice in a way. Nanakiwurkz' ssc skills have improved a lot and it shows, still, most of these are predictable and lack a good colour scheme or a good background. There's a lack of variety. Gem ? No. But number 6 or 7 just might be.