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Nanakiwurkz V4

Not much

Not much

I'm back and i've come bearing fresh off the press presets. If your wondering i've been on the forums getting help for these beutiful presets. so please enjoy.

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August 31, 2006 by Donald Sargeant10059 downloads

Nanakiwurkz V4 - Not much

Staff review

Hmm... another Nanakiwurkz pack...

Some progress has been made, obviously, and some of these are bordering on nice, but the presets still show the characteristic Nanakiwurkz shodiness. The installer extracts it in five different directories in the AVS folder (which almost lost the pack .5 points, but this caught me on good day) so be careful of that. Painter (cute and a nice idea, but next to useless) and some other presets show that there's some potential to this AVSer.. warped thought it is.