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n_ick2000s Third AVS Pack

10 new good presets

10 new good presets

They are new presets. They took a long time to make so I hope you enjoy them. They are pretty complex too. If you want to see my other avs packs search for n_ick2000.

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September 19, 2001 by Nick Hornback8903 downloads

n_ick2000s Third AVS Pack - 10 new good presets

Staff review

Solid collection

There are some tight presets here... worth checking out.


Not bad at all - Theyre all pretty damn good, better than most of the presets I've made. - April 29, 2002 by Atmo Designs

Yes - Yes - September 21, 2001 by Chris Hansche

kinda basic, but good - Some of these presets are kinda basic but weve all gotta start somewhere. this pack shows potential. keep up the good work! - September 19, 2001 by t e