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My 3D And DM Presentz

My Fourth Pack Of AVS'z

My Fourth Pack Of AVS'z

Best Pack Ever !!! :)

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November 7, 2001 by Danny Golubking3983 downloads

My 3D And DM Presentz - My Fourth Pack Of AVS'z

Staff review

Wow...huge collection here...

Good amount of quality for such a large AVS collection. There are definitely some presets here that probably could have been left out, but, overall, this is an impressive collection. Definitely worth the download.... especially for setting AVS to randomly switch thru presets... there are enough good ones here to keep your eyes entertained for a while.


Danny is Back - Better than ever, Danny's back. His past work, "First Blood Test" is one of favorites avs, it includes more than 300 presets! Now he bring us more than 70 new ones, with much more sofistication. I have no doubt: 5 stars! - November 13, 2001 by joaquim jardim

Well..... - Actually U can do much more cooler things with dm but for trainer it's guide nice.... - November 8, 2001 by Janne Kayhko