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AVS has never been so funtastic!

AVS has never been so funtastic!

A sweet mini pack grabbed from never-released presets for my previous packs. It's my final attempt to AVS and my thanks for AVS community and the masters. Luv ya all.

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March 27, 2002 by Daniel Joe Tandiman29319 downloads

Mx - AVS has never been so funtastic!

Staff review

A mini pack featuring some high quality visuals.

These are very impressive presets... a great sense of design, spacing and timing. The level of flow and depth really bring these to life. Great usage of SVP loaders, pictures, and avi. Definitely check these out.


Hi! - Hey,sorry,I'm late. Problems with the login. I'm back! - May 1, 2002 by beth matos

Great, but few - I liked your first and fift preset wery much, they are really cool, but Amigan, One and Ilove were crappy. - April 5, 2002 by ilari ritakallio

You Got The Feeling! - ...I thought that I had already rated this mini wonderful pack. Just keep on being my top artist. The MX3-iLove preset, of course, is my favorite one! - April 2, 2002 by tais jardim

So few... - But so great! - March 31, 2002 by li lin

Mr. Talent! - So here you are again. I hope you have change your mind 'bout leaving us alone. Congratulations for one more terrific work. 5 stars for each of the five presets! - March 27, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Dan Rides Again! - There's no doubt! Dan Joe is the biggest revelation of the avs Masters. Just read the staff and El-vis reviews 'bout his latest masterpieces. This fantastic mini-pack have a little of each Dan's previous works, with unreleased presets. If you are a real avs fan, just like me, you can't lose the "Mx"! - March 27, 2002 by joaquim jardim