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Moving On

The Gup is moving on!! Here is my third preset pack!!

The Gup is moving on!! Here is my third preset pack!!

It took a while, but it is here, finally. I have created a lot of new ones and remixed some of my older presets. I included a total of 20 presets, so....have fun!!! Bey now, and take care!!

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January 31, 2001 by Guus Claessen191622 downloads

Moving On - The Gup is moving on!! Here is my third preset pack!!

Staff review

Moving On AVS pack

Wow... these are very tight... the author definitely has a firm hold on fluidity and style. There is a strong sense of zooming and chaotic falling to these visuals... like you are skydiving over something very psychadelic while zooming in and out with a slick pair of digital something. Anyways, these should definitely garner your attention. -dg


the NUTS thing... - ouch, my eyes hurt - but i can't stop watching. one of the better presets! - August 14, 2002 by andreas finken

One Of Them - This were one of favorites packs, but not anymore. save it like a classic. - February 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Cool !!! - Well done guus. This one is really good! :) - April 20, 2001 by Eric Scholten

OH MY GOD! - I don't BELIEVE my EYES!! This one has it ALL!! Great colors, futuristic F/X and SO MUCH VARIATION!! In our country we call that: KNORRIG! Great WORK Guus Claessen! I hope to see mork work! - April 3, 2001 by Digital Dragon

Eek!! - These KICK ASS!!!!!! Keep up the good work Guus! - April 3, 2001 by Crazy Knik

Wow!!! - I like this preset, defenatly!! Surprised?? Hehe, got the right to post a review!! Bye now!! - April 2, 2001 by Guus Claessen

whoa - :D - April 2, 2001 by ampburner (aka Stephan Hoekstra)

good but not great - these definitely kick full-screen but windowed aint great - March 30, 2001 by indy rod