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smooth and eclectic visual treatment

smooth and eclectic visual treatment

never-before seen originals from me, plus some exclusive remixes of presets from El-Vis, Nixa, Pishiru, Tonic and Tuggummi. more to see on

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April 17, 2007 by Trompler Tam�s33391 downloads

monument - smooth and eclectic visual treatment

Staff review

Not the best hboy pack, but still very good.

While there are some excellent presets in here, like the gorgeous "interstellar phenomenon" or "stillborn universe", this one does disappoint a bit. Some of the presets are just not exciting at all and while nice, the remixes are far from great. hboy has done far better, but this is still a very good pack. With a heavy heart, only a 4.25-


Wow - This is such a great pack. Every preset is original, beautiful and made with great responce to the type of music that is being played. Interstellar phenomenon is of the charts! - November 27, 2007 by Sindri Joynton

Interstellar Phenomenon! - I agree that the pack as a whole is not your best, but great anyway. Interstellar Phenomenon is off the charts, it is now on the top of my list is seems as if electronic music, and classical music were written and composed for this!. A must have!!!. - May 5, 2007 by iggi marco