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Mocha 3991

Many variables and presets are available.

Many variables and presets are available.

This is an alternative to AVS vis plug-in.Mocha has over 20 presets and you can make your own presets too.Including the package there is a clear understandable HTML Help(for presets and the plug-in).Creating (animated) Gif's, AVI's BMP's and Jpeg's from the current animation is no problem too.If you want more information mail to [email protected] or go to

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April 22, 2002 by Borg Number_One132472 downloads

Mocha 3991 - Many variables and presets are available.

Staff review

Very configurable visual plugin

Definitely shares some similarities with AVS... in that you have an input window where you can enter formulas on the fly and watch the visuals change based on what you enter. Also allows for you to save your presets and to choose them by use of a handy browser. Overall, it's a solid plugin that has enough options to keep you busy for a good amount of time. Comes with an extensive help file to get you started in your tweakings.


not really - Hey, i wound up deleting this plug though maybe you'd like it. To me the main word for this plug is "cumbersome". The second would be "flashy" cause it's got a fairly constant strobe-light effect to it that might cause you seizures... I didn't like the effects and images as well as AVS myself, though maybe you would. I did like some of the effects though, and if the developer made this plug more leet and smooth i would check it out again. - March 10, 2003 by Ranger Lacy

... - ...whoops, wrong one. - December 23, 2002 by Jon Waltrip

Not all that good - Sorry but after the previous reviews and the the WA staff review (?) I was expecting great things from this. The 'benes' included are pretty poor effects and there is a lot you can do to customize but nearly all vis plug-ins coming out now have huge configurable options. (take r2e, MilkDrop, KataFX3, etc, and new ones in devolpment TwistedPixel for example) I see this as a poor AVS clone and personally think AVS is a litle dated nowadays anyway. Nice use of video clips though though. That why I have upped this to 3 stars. Sadly not going to be in my Vis plug-ins of the month slot on the winamp plug-in forums. So much potential here but so it didn't get there. Sorry to sound harsh but it is far to easy (as the WA staff have shown many times) to give 5 stars to average plugins. - Rovastar - June 14, 2002 by John Baker

And It's Frrreeee - It's Brrrrrilliant And it's frrrrreeee Thank U Guys.***** - June 5, 2002 by Steve Aresti

Finally! - Well, I confess. I've been using Mocha in Winamp for some time. It was my favorite plugin of another player and I (don't know how!) was able to transfer it to Winamp. Really cool that we can enter the effects we want. I would give it five stars, but I still prefer to play with avs. - April 23, 2002 by joaquim jardim