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Mirror Us CD2 r e f l e XI o n

Featured AVS Preset.

Featured AVS Preset.

Best of published in October. Here we put mostly published presets in October . And this is our best. There is problem with publishing in Winamp so unfortunatly that you are seeing this in next millenium

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September 16, 2003 by AVS Society156131 downloads

Mirror Us CD2 r e f l e XI o n - Featured AVS Preset.

Staff review

AVS Society... you know it's quality

A solid collection of some of last fall's best AVS presets. Featuring stunning visuals from ParaNoya, DisGuy2k, Tonic, Super_Nova, Ernst, TroubleShooter, Tuomas, and Morse Meltdown. Anyone into AVS... you want this pack... in fact... if you like visuals at all... download and be happy. -dg


To Sir With Love - Yes Horse Fly. The top artists must have a lot of patience to teach all those people that don't know how to work it right. "Mirror Us" is completing one year and still looks wonderful. - January 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Some excellent, some average - A nice range of plugins, a lot of them too, to fit different people's taste I imagine. Some of them are very impressive and some of them not so much. But I definitely recommend downloading this set, because there's something for everybody here. However, it is annoying that it changes your winamp setting to automatically turn on visualizations and switch presets. Can be changed back easily though. -jor - May 2, 2001 by jor mustermeir

Wow megapack!!! - Coooool!!! I can't wait for your next release. - April 27, 2001 by Dan Cooper

awsome - awsome - April 27, 2001 by brent hill

"Mirror Us CD2 r e f l e XI o n" - the visuals are ok. but i hate the fact that, now that i've installed this plugin, i get visuals as soon as i play a song, automatically. i also hate that it reset my visuals to change every ten seconds to a random choice. i prefer to make these choices myself. now i'm looking for a way to safely ininstall "Mirror Us CD2 r e f l e XI o n". m - April 24, 2001 by tony stanley

Greatest - Simply one of the best (now I just need a video card that could deal with 1024 x 768 fullscreen. That would be perfect...) - April 13, 2001 by Keith Ross

very good - I made a couple AVS presets myself, but they're nothing like this. - April 12, 2001 by Francis Rogers

LUV YOU GUYS - people download this preset ... and then "put your hand in the air" - March 31, 2001 by indy rod